1. Planning for a Late Summer Harvest

    Did you know you can still plant some fruits and veggies for a late-summer or early autumn harvest? Our lawn maintenance team in Tulsa offers some suggestions about some great options to get in the ground in the next month for some delicious late-summer treats. Plant These for a Great Harvest! Beans Plant beans in August and plan for a harvest in October or November. They'll make a perfect additio…Read More

  2. How to Deal with Brown Spots in Your Yard

    If your otherwise lush, green lawn is marred by the appearance of occasional dead patches, it can be a frustrating thing! These brown spots or dead patches can be caused by a number of things, most commonly from a buildup of pet's urine in the soil, a pest infestation, or poor soil. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to try to take care of those dead spots and fill them in with be…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons to Keep Your Hedges Trimmed

    Hedges and bushes can look incredible when they are properly incorporated into your home's landscaping. But if you let them grow without trimming them or otherwise keeping them in check, they can quickly take over your yard! Our landscaping services team in Tulsa offers three great reasons you should keep those hedges and bushes trimmed. Why Trim? It's a boost to your property value. When hedges a…Read More

  4. Why Choose Family-Owned Lawn Care Services

    Our clients have many options when it comes to their lawn care services in Glenpool, however, when they come to us, they understand that we are a different kind of service company. So many of our customers come to us frustrated that they are being treated like just another lawn, like a number, or a paycheck. We believe they deserve more, and as a family-owned lawn care company, we are able to prov…Read More

  5. Give Your Landscape A Little Love

    You invest so much of your time into cleaning your home, making sure that your appliances are all working, and that the interior of your home is up-to-date and beautiful, all while the outside of your home is neglected. Especially coming out of winter, you probably haven’t thought about your lawn, trees, or hedges in months. However, a large part of your home’s value and curb appeal comes from…Read More

  6. Care For Your Lawn This Winter For A More Beautiful Spring

    We know that you hardly think about your grass or its health in the winter. As soon as it’s dormant and the frost begins to settle, you forget that it is still a living organism that needs certain things in order to thrive. Follow these tips this winter and call us for quality lawn care services in Tulsa and Glenpool this spring so that you can give your lawn its best chance to thrive. Winte…Read More

  7. Struggling With Winter Weeds?

    Oklahoma is right on the cusp of warm winter weather, so an especially warm year can mean winter weeds popping up in your yard. However, because most homeowners tend to forget about their lawn in the winter, or attribute its lack of health to the temperature, winter weeds have free rein to take over the entire yard. Hopefully you had the right lawn maintenance services in the fall, giving your yar…Read More

  8. The KB Lawn Care Difference

    When it comes to your lawn care services in Glenpool, you want a company you can trust to listen to your needs and follow your budget and schedule. You want a lawn care company that is licensed, insured and passionate about what they do. We understand that you want a lawn care that will make you proud to come home, no matter what season. KB Lawn Care provides just that. We take pride in our work a…Read More