Fall is a beautiful time of the year with all of the colors and changing scenery after a long, hot summer. Those brilliantly colored leaves, as gorgeous as they look on the trees, ultimately end up on the ground, covering your immaculate lawn. Falling leaves are one of the most tedious chores, and when neglected, can mean serious lawn maintenance service concerns later on in the year. Leaf removal is something that no one wants to do on a weekly basis. Even if you like raking leaves, you may not have the time that is necessary for proper leaf removal or the necessary lawn services. That one big tree you have that seems to drop leaves without fail as soon as you’ve picked them up or all the small trees that seem to have dropped hundreds; we can take care of them all.

KB Lawn Care takes the hassle out of fall and lets you truly enjoy the beauty of the season. Our experts can efficiently remove all the leaves that are in your yard, and leave you with a clean lawn ready for the winter. If leaves are left on the ground in piles, your grass will have a hard time recovering and growing in the spring, because excessive leave coverage actually kills grass. Don’t let that happen to you. KB Lawn Care can take away the pain of constantly having to pick up leaves, so your lawn will never suffer. Being prepared for a beautiful lawn come spring starts with leaf removal in the fall; we want to provide you with the jump start your lawn needs now.