Everyone wants a lawn that looks immaculate without a blade of grass out of place. Upkeep on the other hand, is a completely different story. KB Lawn Care allows homeowners to have their dream lawn without the outrageous lawn maintenance into a reality. Our lawn edging services gives your lawn the clean cut look that you want. All edges will be perfectly manicured, and not a blade out of place along all your curbs, siding, and fences. KB Lawn Care takes care of all your edging needs. If your lawn is spreading onto unwanted surfaces or you just want to add value to your landscape without spending a fortune in doing so, edging is your simple answer. Our lawn services are truly unparalleled.

KB Lawn Care provides edging service to our customers that want to save time with trimming and complement the rest of a beautiful looking lawn. Edging provides a root barrier to your lawn to prevent grass and other garden materials from entering flower beds and intruding onto sidewalks and pavement. We can provide edging services as often as you would like, making sure your lawn is always looking well-maintained. The more often that we can provide edging, the less time it takes each time we see you! The best time to have edging done is at the beginning of spring, ensuring your lawn does not overgrow onto surfaces you do not want it to, right from the start. KB Lawn Care can do edging anytime though. If you want to see what edging does for you lawn, contact us today! We can do partial or full landscapes; we promise no matter how big or small the area, edging will take your lawn to the next level of beauty.