We know that you hardly think about your grass or its health in the winter. As soon as it’s dormant and the frost begins to settle, you forget that it is still a living organism that needs certain things in order to thrive. Follow these tips this winter and call us for quality lawn care services in Tulsa and Glenpool this spring so that you can give your lawn its best chance to thrive.

Winter Fertilizing: While it is a little too late to fertilize your grass now, keep in mind for next year that the best time for fertilizing cool season grasses is in the late fall or early winter.

Winter Mowing: Again, this should have been done already, but having a short lawn going into winter will prevent mice and other animals from using your lawn as a shelter in the cold winter months. Burrowing animals will destroy a lawn in a few short weeks, and keeping your grass short will deter them from choosing your property as their home.

Clean It Up: Avoid leaving any toys, excess leaves, patio furniture, etc. on your lawn during the winter. Even though the lawn is dormant, it still needs to breathe throughout the winter and leaving objects on the grass will mean large dead or thinning spots in your grass in the spring.

Try To Minimize Foot Traffic: When the lawn is brown, many people forget that it should not be walked on frequently. While the occasional foot traffic should be fine, consistent traffic will wear a path in your lawn that you won’t want come spring.

Contact KB Lawn Care today for the lawn care services that will allow your lawn to not only survive, but thrive — season after season.