1. 3 Reasons to Keep Your Hedges Trimmed

    Hedges and bushes can look incredible when they are properly incorporated into your home's landscaping. But if you let them grow without trimming them or otherwise keeping them in check, they can quickly take over your yard! Our landscaping services team in Tulsa offers three great reasons you should keep those hedges and bushes trimmed. Why Trim? It's a boost to your property value. When hedges a…Read More

  2. Give Your Landscape A Little Love

    You invest so much of your time into cleaning your home, making sure that your appliances are all working, and that the interior of your home is up-to-date and beautiful, all while the outside of your home is neglected. Especially coming out of winter, you probably haven’t thought about your lawn, trees, or hedges in months. However, a large part of your home’s value and curb appeal comes from…Read More