1. Planning for a Late Summer Harvest

    Did you know you can still plant some fruits and veggies for a late-summer or early autumn harvest? Our lawn maintenance team in Tulsa offers some suggestions about some great options to get in the ground in the next month for some delicious late-summer treats. Plant These for a Great Harvest! Beans Plant beans in August and plan for a harvest in October or November. They'll make a perfect additio…Read More

  2. Identifying Common Spring Weeds

    While it is still early in the season, weeds are hardy plants and don’t require as many nutrients or sunlight as your grass or flowers. This means that a weed problem could extend from early spring until late summer, destroying your lawn and overriding your flowers all year long. This is why it is essential that you identify your weeds right off the bat and get rid of one or two before they take…Read More

  3. Why Choose Local Lawn Maintenance Services

    When it comes to your Tulsa lawn maintenance company, you want to make sure you are getting a kind of service that stands out from the rest, and one that can make your lawn truly beautiful. At KB Lawn Care, we are dedicated to making sure that you get results that will exceed your expectations so that you can be confident in our services. One of the ways that we are able to provide a high level of…Read More

  4. Struggling With Winter Weeds?

    Oklahoma is right on the cusp of warm winter weather, so an especially warm year can mean winter weeds popping up in your yard. However, because most homeowners tend to forget about their lawn in the winter, or attribute its lack of health to the temperature, winter weeds have free rein to take over the entire yard. Hopefully you had the right lawn maintenance services in the fall, giving your yar…Read More