Oklahoma is right on the cusp of warm winter weather, so an especially warm year can mean winter weeds popping up in your yard. However, because most homeowners tend to forget about their lawn in the winter, or attribute its lack of health to the temperature, winter weeds have free rein to take over the entire yard. Hopefully you had the right lawn maintenance services in the fall, giving your yard the tools to fight back. If not, then call us today and see what we can do!

Weeds are frustrating, but one thing that can be said about them is they are incredibly resilient in ways that your grass could never be. So when the temperature begins to drop in the late fall, your grass begins hibernating while the weeds are still fully awake. This means that they can spread, unchecked by your grass, stealing essential minerals and moisture from the soil that your grass will need in the spring to fully restore itself.

If you find yourself facing chickweed, which can sprout and spread even below freezing temperatures, then the best way to prevent it is to maintain your lawn’s length in the growing season. At KB Lawn Care, we understand every type of grass, and know what it takes to keep it healthy. If you find this weed in your lawn, it has an extremely shallow root system, so pull the weeds on sight.

If you see henbit trying to sprout in the late winter, it is best to use herbicides when the weeds are still young. If you wait until mid-spring, henbit will most likely be too hardened and resilient to fight.

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