Did you know you can still plant some fruits and veggies for a late-summer or early autumn harvest? Our lawn maintenance team in Tulsa offers some suggestions about some great options to get in the ground in the next month for some delicious late-summer treats.

lawn maintenance tulsaPlant These for a Great Harvest!


Plant beans in August and plan for a harvest in October or November. They’ll make a perfect addition to your autumn dishes.


Carrots can go into the ground as late as September in Tulsa, making them perfect for harvesting around November. Chop them up to add flavor and color to your fall soup stocks!


Garlic is a hardy plant that can be planted any time between September and December, but you’ll have to wait to harvest it until the following spring and summer. It needs some time underground to gain all that rich flavor.


Plant your lettuce in the ground in August and get ready to harvest it in September and early October. Great for autumn salads and healthy eating before the indulgent holiday season! You can follow these guidelines for spinach, as well.

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