While it is still early in the season, weeds are hardy plants and don’t require as many nutrients or sunlight as your grass or flowers. This means that a weed problem could extend from early spring until late summer, destroying your lawn and overriding your flowers all year long. This is why it is essential that you identify your weeds right off the bat and get rid of one or two before they take over your entire yard. With our Tulsa lawn maintenance services, we’ll keep a close eye out for any weeds while we are mowing your lawn, and will let you know right away so you have your best chance to fight back. In addition, we’ll help guide you toward the right products and techniques to get rid of your weeds for good.

Identifying Common Weeds

There are some weeds that are obvious, they stick out like a sore thumb. However, many weeds disguise themselves to look like beautiful wildflowers or even grass so they can take your lawn down before you even notice them.

lawn maintenance for dandelionDandelions

Almost everyone knows a dandelion when they see one. Forming bright yellow flowers when they first sprout, they transform into white puffballs that spread their seeds at the slightest breeze or whenever a child stops by to make a wish. Because their seeds float and spread easily, and because these are some of the hardiest weeds, they can easily overtake enormous fields within one season.

Prickly Lettuce

We all know what this weed feels like when we unsuspectingly step on one with our bare feet. Prickly and painful, this weed thrives in the Oklahoma winters and springs, so you may already have a problem with it.

Daisy Weed

You’ll notice this one as soon as it flowers, as it blooms into a beautiful white and yellow daisy you won’t want to kill. However, their leaves are distinctly spoon-shaped and their resilience means that they prevent water and nutrients from reaching your grass, and they take up any nutrients already in the soil.

lawn maintenance for pineapple weedPineapple Weed

While pineapple weed tea is widely used as a natural remedy for fevers and gastrointestinal issues, it is detrimental to your yard. Most commonly seen in crop fields and landscaped areas such as gardens and nurseries, a mature plant has yellow-green flower heads which have a distinctly sweet smell. While this weed will only flower in the summertime, it can last throughout the winter and can begin to spread as early as May.


It is essential for you to find and remove this weed before it flowers. It has blue-green leaves which are lobed, and it blooms into bright yellow flowers that almost look like daisies. Like dandelions, ragwort is prolific, and will spread quickly as soon as it is able. In addition, the weed produces toxins, so it is important to wear gloves when weeding.

These are just a handful of the many weeds that spread quickly in the Tulsa climate. To learn more about your own yard and any weeds that may be hiding there, contact our lawn maintenance specialists at KB Lawn Care today. We want you to have a beautiful, weed-free lawn all season long!