If your otherwise lush, green lawn is marred by the appearance of occasional dead patches, it can be a frustrating thing! These brown spots or dead patches can be caused by a number of things, most commonly from a buildup of pet’s urine in the soil, a pest infestation, or poor soil. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to try to take care of those dead spots and fill them in with beautiful green grass once again. Just check out these tips from our lawn care services team in Tulsa!

lawn care services TulsaHow to Revive Dead Spots in Your Lawn

Aerate the dead areas.

Sometimes grass has a tough time growing because of a buildup of debris at the surface. Aerating the dead patch can help more nutrients from sun and water get down to the roots of the grass and help stimulate new growth.

Change your water habits.

More water isn’t always better. If you’ve been watering daily, you could be giving your grass too much moisture and creating an environment that’s good for fungal growth, not grass growth. Try switching to less frequent but longer water sessions to get water down to the roots instead of sitting on the surface.

Change the length of your mower.

If you prefer longer grass, it could be part of the problem. Shorter grass allows more nutrients to penetrate the grass and get to the roots. It also allows excess moisture to evaporate and is a less hospitable home to pests.

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