Our clients have many options when it comes to their lawn care services in Glenpool, however, when they come to us, they understand that we are a different kind of service company. So many of our customers come to us frustrated that they are being treated like just another lawn, like a number, or a paycheck. We believe they deserve more, and as a family-owned lawn care company, we are able to provide them with just that. These are just some of the benefits of choosing a family-owned company:

No Restrictions

Because we are small and family-owned, we don’t have to adhere to any national parent company’s idea of what “good service” looks like. Instead, we can provide convenient times for clients to meet with us, and go above and beyond what other companies are limited to providing.

Family Values

At KB Lawn Care, family is important to us, and family values are a large part of why we do what we do best. We live by the principles that we teach our children, and are passionate about being honest, fair, dedicated, and doing every job with excellence.


We never treat our customers like a number. We pride ourselves on being personal and friendly, and providing a service that is unique to every client’s needs.

We Aren’t Successful Unless You Are Happy

Because we are family-owned, a large part of our success stems from making sure that every client is happy. This means your satisfaction is always a priority to us.

When it comes to lawn care services, family-owned means quality. See why we are different and contact our professionals today!